Seven Things You Should Know When You've Got A Pelvic Exam Coming Up

25 October 2021
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The more informed you are about an upcoming pelvic exam, the more comfortable and effective the experience will be. There are a few things you should know before you go in for a pelvic exam.

A pelvic exam can be life-saving.

The most important thing to know about pelvic exams is how important they are for your health. Pelvic exams allow doctors to detect potentially serious health issues such as ovarian cysts, cancer, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Detecting and treating such health problems early can mean the difference between life and death. 

It's best to abstain from sex for a day or so before your exam.

You will be advised to avoid having penetrative sex before your pelvic exam. It's not a good idea to have sex before a pelvic exam because the presence of sperm in the vagina can alter the results of a pelvic exam. 

Even if you have sex with a condom, sex can still alter the results of a pelvic exam by disrupting your vaginal mucosa or causing inflammation issues. That's why it's best to abstain for at least a day or so before your exam. 

You might not want to have a pelvic exam done while you're on your period.

Many patients wonder if it's okay to go in for a pelvic exam while they're having their period. You can have a pelvic exam done while you're having your period.

However, many patients are more comfortable rescheduling their pelvic exam if their appointment happens to fall on a day when they're menstruating. 

You shouldn't douche before your pelvic exam.

You definitely should not use a douche or apply any vaginal creams before going in for your pelvic exam. A douche can change the pH of a patient's vagina and thereby alter pelvic exam results. Plus, your OBGYN may suggest you stop using those products. 

It's best to have an empty bladder during your pelvic exam.

Having a full bladder during a pelvic exam can be uncomfortable. That's why it's a good idea to avoid drinking too much liquid right before your pelvic exam appointment. 

It might be more convenient for you to have a breast exam done as well on the day of your pelvic exam.

Patients usually prefer to schedule their breast and pelvic exams together. This way, they can take care of these two important preventive health care procedures without having to visit the doctor's office twice. 

You'll have your pelvic exam results quickly.

One great thing about pelvic exams is that you don't have to wait for the results. Your doctor should know the results of your pelvic exam quickly. Having a pelvic exam done that doesn't turn up any problems gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your reproductive system is healthy. 

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